Usually, when someone has been pulled over and the officer suspects something other than alcohol, the first thing they do is give them the portable breath test. That will help them rule out alcohol. They will have the driver perform the standard sobriety tests. Those tests were originally validated to determine impairment. However, studies have been released indicating that they can now be used to determine impairment rate.

If there is no alcohol involved, they will start asking questions about prescribed medications. People shouldn’t answer those questions. They observe the totality of the circumstances; they’ll look at the driving pattern, the physical characteristics, and their performance on the standardized field sobriety tests. If they feel they have probable cause, they will arrest them.

How And When Do Police Test For Presence Of Drugs In Someone’s System?

Officers usually test for drugs if they believe a person is impaired but they test negative for alcohol. They see indicators of impairment and they will start those tests that can indicate that drugs might be involved by doing a drug recognition evaluation and field sobriety tests.

Do Police Test For Active Compounds Like Metabolites In A Marijuana Related Case?

In Nevada, where marijuana is legal, the statute talks about drug metabolites and/or active compounds. The active compound is THC. They’re testing for two nanograms per milliliter or higher active THC.

What Is A Drug Recognition Expert? What Kind Of Training Do They Have?

A drug recognition expert is an officer who has gone through special training to detect people who may be under the influence of controlled substances other than alcohol. They have the special training to check for your pulse rate, your breathing rate, and your pupil dilation. The manual and the training for the drug recognition experts suggest that these tests are performed at the station instead of on the side of the freeway to get more accurate results. They’re looking for body tremors, a substance on the tongue, difficulty breathing, or excessive sweating. They have to get recertified in their training often.

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