The most common criminal defense cases that my firm handles involve DUI and impaired driving charges. After that, drug possession and distribution charges are most common, followed by theft and shoplifting. Lastly, we handle a fair amount of assault and domestic violence related charges.

What Are The Differences Between Misdemeanor And Felony Charges In Nevada?

Misdemeanor charges do not involve substantial bodily harm, loss of life, or substantial loss of or damage to property. Felony charges often involve large losses of property and/or severe injuries.

How Does A Prior Arrest Or Conviction Impact My Current Criminal Case In Nevada?

In Nevada, prior convictions may lead to the enhancement of a charge. For example, DUI, theft, and drug possession charges can be enhanced by prior convictions of the same type. Long histories of criminal activity in general can also be taken into consideration by judges. In addition, the sentencing guidelines often take prior convictions into consideration and are associated with higher penalties for subsequent convictions.

Are There Any Alternative Or Diversion Programs Available For First-Time Criminal Offenders In Nevada?

There are options available for first-time offenders, such as drug diversion programs, veterans’ court, and mental health courts. In some cases, a first-time offender will be able to use a plea in abeyance program, which is a program that takes into consideration how addiction may have played a role in the defendant having committed the crime. This program is meant for people who made a one-time mistake and are otherwise considered good people, and it allows for them to keep their record clean while working through their difficulties with substance abuse. If a person qualifies and successfully completes one of these programs, then their case will be dismissed.

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