For lawyer scientists, there’s a connection to the National Chemical Society. It means that I have gone to a lot of training in labs that train the lab technicians, who are analyzing the blood and drug samples that are collected by the police in Nevada. I’m going there and I’m learning the same methods that they use at the state lab. I’ve learned how to run the machines that analyze the specimens and how to read the results. In my cases, I request all that data from the lab because I understand what it means.

I check the processes that they’ve put the samples through and the operating procedures to see if the technicians at the state lab have followed the proper procedures and to make sure that the evidence the state is going to use against my clients is properly analyzed. If a case were to go to trial and one of the technicians came in to testify, I would be able to cross-examine them and understand what they’re talking about when it comes to the technical aspect of running the tests. I think that gives me an advantage over a lot of other attorneys.

What Is The Procedure For Breathalyzer Evidential Test In Nevada?

Breathalyzer testing in Nevada usually occurs after arrest, on the side of the road. If the officer suspects that you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, they will have you submit to a portable breath test. In Nevada, you are required to submit to a portable breath test and those devices are calibrated and routinely maintained. If you don’t submit, you can be charged with a refusal. They will arrest you take you down to the jail to give you the evidentiary breath test. The portable breath test can’t be used as evidence in court.

The officer will check your mouth for anything that would interfere with the test, like a piercing, braces, or dentures. They have to sit there with you for 15 minutes and make sure that you don’t put anything in your mouth and that you don’t burp, throw up, or hiccup something out of your stomach and back into your mouth, which would then be blown directly into the machine and skew the results. Then, they will ask you to actually blow into the machine. You have to blow a minimum of one liter of air into the machine before it will give a result. When it’s done collecting the sample, it prints out a receipt with the result.

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