“Mr. Nebeker was able to save my commercial driver’s license from a lifetime suspension by the Driver’s License Division. I had made a stupid mistake and was caught driving under the influence for my second time. If I had not called Mr. D.U.I. my career as a commercial driver would have ended, and I am not sure how I would have continued to support my family. He was easy to talk to, and very reassuring as he was explaining his process and technique for beating DUI Charges. I asked him to do everything he could for me and he did. His techniques definitely worked.”

Andrea P.

“I was not sure I needed an attorney for my case, because they said I had an invalid test, an insufficient sample. I went to court thinking they would dismiss case, but they wanted to throw the book at me! I told the judge that I wanted some time to speak with an attorney and immediately called Mr. DUI, attorney Matt Nebeker. I went back to Court with Mr. Nebeker on my side and things were a lot different. Mr. Nebeker was able to get it to where the prosecutor could not use the test against me even though he wanted to. Ultimately, my case was dismissed, as the prosecutor did not have evidence without the test. I know Mr. Nebeker worked hard on my case and that is why it was dismissed.”

Eric L.

“When I first met with mr. d.u.i (Attorney Matt Nebeker), He told me what to expect on my case. He said he would first look for a way to get my case thrown out of Court on a legal technicality, and if he couldn’t get it thrown out he would try and get it reduced down to something that was not a DUI. After fighting my case for two and a half years, through appeals, motions, and intense negotiations Matt got me what I wanted. He never gave up and used every legal tactic that he had. I was very impressed with his willingness to never give up until I was satisfied with the outcome. mr. d.u.i. has earned that name in my book.”

A DUI Client

“I was in a real tough situation i had probation violated my probation because i was arrested twice in two months which is basically guaranteed jail time. I was recommended to Matthew Nebeker or Mr DUI and he got me out of this mess with a great deal. When I was being sentence the judge told me to thank my lawyer I think that says a lot. I would recommend Matthew to anyone.”

Madison W.

“Leaving the Box Elder County fairgrounds in Tremonton the Sheriff Deputy said that my truck was emitting to much black smoke, and that he couldn’t see my license plate. I was arrested for DUI and taken to the jail in Brigham City. They wanted me to just plead guilty, but something did not seem right about why the Deputy stopped me. I contacted Mr. DUI, and seen him for my free consultation, and to hear about his guarantee. Anyway, after meeting with him I didn’t call any other attorneys. After a couple of hearings my case was dismissed and I did not lose my license. I was glad to be able to tell my family and friends that my DUI was dismissed, and about the attorney that worked so hard for me.”

Walter B.

“I had no idea that you could be given a DUI while for driving boat. I immediately contacted Mr. Nebeker, who did clarify that operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs, can be charged just like driving a car. They even wanted to take my Driver’s license. The Park Ranger was no match for Mr. DUI, and my license was not suspended, nor was there a DUI conviction. Mr. Nebeker was able to get the charge reduce down to a public intoxication, and I only had to pay a small fine. Throughout the case Mr. Nebeker and his staff were extremely professional, always returned calls, and treated me like I was there only client. I will call Mr. Nebeker before I call any other attorney.”

Cindy D.

“I was really worried about losing my license, because I was looking at a two year suspension. Matt and I had prepared for the hearing, reviewed the DUI report, the video, and I even testified, but that was not enough. About a week later I received a letter from Drivers License Division saying that my license had been suspended. Well, that did not stop mr. d.u.i. He told me that we can appeal that suspension, so that’s what he did. About two weeks later, I received another letter from the Driver License Division stating that I had won the appeal, and that my license will be reinstated. I could not believe it. I was impressed with the knowledge and skill the mr. d.u.i. has in defending against the Drivers License Division. I would highly recommend.”

 Arif S.

“I thought I was going to end up with a Felony DUI, because I had two prior offenses within the last ten years. I hired Attorney Matt Nebeker, because I had heard a lot of great things about him, and I know I needed and expert on my side. Somehow Mr. Nebeker was able to keep the prosecution from filing my new case as a felony. Something about me not being represented by an attorney on one of my prior charges. Instead of possibly going to prison I was given credit for the time that I had served until being bailed out of jail, and a fine and some classes. I will never drink and drive again, but I will always recommend Mr. DUI, for anyone I know who is looking for a great DUI attorney.”

Pedro R.

“I knew that Mr. D.U.I. represented people in the Salt Lake City area, because my cousin used him for his DUI, but I was arrested on my way back from Wendover, in Tooele County. I contacted attorney Matt Nebeker and spoke with him and he told me that he would be glad to help me with my case. At my Court Hearing in Tooele, Mr. Nebeker had a short meeting with the prosecutor, and about 15 minutes later my case was dismissed, and a few weeks later my license was returned. Mr. Nebeker said it was because the people who reported me to the police in the first place were from out of state and just passing through, and likely would not come back to Utah to testify against me. It didn’t completely understand it all but I am so glad he took my case. If I am ever in trouble again I know who I am calling.”

Rebecca W.

“I am a resident of Utah, but I received a DUI in North Carolina while traveling there on business. Of course I did hire a DUI attorney in North Carolina, but I thought better consult with a Utah DUI attorney, so I called Matt Nebeker, known as mr. d.u.i. I was so glad that I did. For a small fee Mr. Nebeker consulted with my attorney in North Carolina, and was able to help prevent a license suspension here in Utah based upon the conviction in North Carolina. I did not know that Utah could suspend my license based upon events in North Carolina. In speaking with Mr. Nebeker I knew right away that I needed his assistance and would highly recommend his services to anyone who has a DUI charge in or out of the state of Utah.”

Charles J.

“NOT GUILTY! That was the outcome with my case. Attorney Matt Nebeker is an excellent trial lawyer, in my book. The day I walked into Mr. Nebeker’s office I told him that I was not going to take any kind of plea deal, so after doing some research Mr. Nebeker told me that he didn’t think I should take a deal either. I knew we had won the case shortly after the trial had started. One of the jury members started nodding her head at everything Mr. Nebeker said. Sure enough, she agreed, and I walked out of the courtroom, a free man. It was great having mr. d.u.i. on my team!”

Robert S.

“When I hit a parked police car before I was arrested for DUI, I was sure that I was going to do some jail time. I actually explained to Mr. Nebeker that I thought someone had spiked my drink with something. The test results came back with only alcohol, but Mr. DUI found a way to keep me out of jail. I was more than double the limit, but the case was reduce down and I was able to get me license back in half the time the people at the Driver’s License Division told me. I am glad that I hired Mr. Nebeker. I would recommend his services to anyone!”

Julias J.

“I found Mr. DUI from reading the back of a package of gum called Odor of Alcohol Flavor Gum. In my consultation with Mr. Nebeker he explained that one of the reasons the Officer had me do the field sobriety tests is because he said he smelled the odor of alcohol, but what does alcohol really smell like. Mr. Nebeker has asked hundreds of officers to describe that odor and has received multiple answers. An officer must be able to adequately explain why he conducted a traffic stop and DUI investigation to make a lawful arrest. Mr. Nebeker has a great knowledge of the law, and was very creative in defending my case. I was surprised at the outcome, as I thought I was going to jail. Mr. Nebeker charged more than some of the other attorneys I called, but in my case, I got what I paid for and it was worth every dollar.”

John Z.

“My charge was felony DUI and illegal possession of controlled substances. I was worried that I might be going to prison so I knew I needed an aggressive DUI defense attorney. For some reason the officer did not show up for the driver license hearing, but my attorney Matt Nebeker was ready for him. It was very clear in Court why the officer did not show of for the license hearing, he knew he had made a mistake in my case, and Mr. DUI. Had found it. My DUI (the felony) was dismissed, and I did not do any jail time, and the possession charge will be dismissed after 12 months. I went from worried about prison to a small fine. All I can say about his services is WOW!

Nelson P.

“When I met with Mr. DUI he told me that I had missed the 10 day dead line to file the request for the hearing with the Driver’s License Division. I had been to two other attorneys before meeting with Mr. DUI, and neither of them even told me I had to request a hearing. Even though the ten days had passed Mr. DUI was able to get me a hearing, and he was able to help me keep my license. If I had lost my license I would have lost my job, and then who knows. I am so grateful that I hired Mr. DUI.”

Nelson P.

“My 17 year old son got involved with a group of kids from school who, come to find out, were involved with marijuana and alcohol. My son was leaving a party at on one the kid’s houses, and as he was driving away was stopped by the police, and arrested for driving under the influence. After asking around, I learned about Mr. DUI, and that he does a lot of work in the juvenile courts. I hired him because I did not want this on my son’s record and the sever sanctions imposed by the driver’s license division. In some case they will suspend a kid’s license until they turn 21. Thankfully, Mr. Nebeker was able to avoid all of that for my son. I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. DUI.”

Angela T.

“A couple of months ago I hired Mr. DUI to represent me on my first, and hopefully last, DUI charge. I was worried about what I could be facing because my breath test was triple the limit at .24. I thought for sure that I was going to do some jail time. When it was all over with I did not lose my license, I did not go to jail, I did not have supervised probation, nor did I have to have an ignition interlock installed on my car. If this didn’t happen to me personally I would not have believed it was a true story. I will be recommending Mr. DUI to anyone who is charged with a DUI.”

Sebastian G.

“I have had my share of legal problems throughout my life, and have had to hire attorneys to help me out of some tough situations. Recently I was looking at my second DUI and was worried about going to jail because of my past record of alcohol and domestic violence charges. I decided to hire Mr. DUI to help me with my case. I have never worked with an attorney as persistent as Matt. For everything that the prosecutor threw at us he had a calm confident solution to the problem. In our initial consultation he asked me what I was most worried about and he solved that problem for me, and delivered more than I expected. When your attorney is calm and collected it makes you feel more at ease, which makes everything easier. Thanks Mr. DUI!”

– Keira D.

“One night I was on my way home from my girlfriends and I had a seizure, which caused me to blackout, and crash into another vehicle. I was scared so I just drove home. Well about an hour later the police came to my house and arrested me for DUI. By this time I had taken another dose of my seizure medication and was sleepy and unable to perform the tests the officers wanted me to do. While researching DUI attorneys on the internet I seen that Mr. DUI, Attorney Matt Nebeker, had received special training in defending DUI cases that involved prescription medications. I was glad I found an attorney with that special training because Mr. DUI was able to show that my accident was a result of a seizure instead of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I would highly recommend Mr. DUI.”

Michael M.

“I hired Matt Nebeker because of all the good review that I have seen about his work and the success he has in defending some of the toughest DUI cases. I know that Mr. Nebeker truly cares about his clients. He called me the day before my court hearing to discuss the case and see if I had any last minute questions. He kept me informed so I didn’t have any questions, but I did need a ride to court. I didn’t want to ask my friends or family for a ride to court because I was embarrassed. Before I could say anything more Mr. Nebeker offered to give me a ride to Court. He came to my house, picked me up, and returned me home after court. Not only is he a great lawyer, but he cares about people and their lives. I will always call him for any legal help.”

Rosa P.

“I was charged with an aggravated DUI for having my teenage son in the car at the time. I had not been drinking alcohol, I hadn’t used and illegal drugs, but I was still arrested and charged for DUI. I really didn’t think I needed to hire an attorney. I was only arrested for taking my prescription as my doctor prescribed. I was shocked when Mr. DUI told me that you can be charged if the medications make you incapable of safely driving your vehicle. That’s when I knew that I needed an attorney. I hired Matt Nebeker/ Mr. DUI. He was able to work with me and got the charged reduced to a reckless driving. He said the prosecutor could not prove I was under the influence of anything. Something about no DRE. I will be forever grateful for what Matt did for me and my family.”

 Penny A.

“I was not sure if I needed an attorney for my DUI or my Domestic Violence charges, but I was worried about my Driver’s License so I called a DUI attorney first. I spoke with Mr. Nebeker, and was very impressed with his knowledge as a Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer. I was arrested when I went to my ex-wife’s house and an argument started, and she called the police. My case was resolved with a small fine and no Domestic Violence conviction on my record, so I can keep my guns.”

– Adrian H.

“He explained everything in detail which was nice because I waited too long and lost my license and he helped me get it back talk about miracle; He was very knowledgeable in DUI law and was able to get my sentencing down to a very minimal fine for my second offense.”

A DUI Client

“Matthew Nebeker was very upfront with me and explained all my options and attended the DMV trial to help keep my license.

The DUI law in Utah is pretty strict and it was nice having an attorney who really knew his stuff and only took on drunk driving cases.”

Paul N.

“He is a true God send. He saved my neck and I will always be indebted to him. I had multiple charges looking at prison and I got probation and a big fine but thankfully he got a lot of my sentencing dropped and some reduced. I would recommend him to anyone charged with DUI.”

Rhonda J.

“I had the best experience working with attorney Mr. DUI. My wife bailed me out of jail and the Bail Bondsman recommended Mr. DUI. After a quick conversation with him I knew he was the attorney for me. Honestly, I did call a couple of other attorneys, even one from Salt Lake, but they didn’t seem to have the knowledge and ability to quickly answer my questions like Mr. DUI. After the case was over I called the Bail Bondsman and thanked him for the referral.”

Danni W.

“I thought I was ok to drive the night I got my DUI, but I ended up having an accident. They arrested me for DUI, but I was in a hospital bed when they arrested me. I did not even know how I had gotten to the hospital. A friend had told me about and attorney who calls himself mr. dui. At first I laughed to myself, but then I met and ultimately hired him. Attorney Matt Nebeker immediately called the Court and told them he needed time to prepare for the case, which they granted.

For some reason they Officer did not show up for the hearing at the Drivers license Division, but Mr. Nebeker was there and he asked them to give me my license back, which they did. When we met with the prosecutor Mr. Nebeker asked him to dismiss the case against me, which they did! Money well spent!”

A DUI Client

“Attorney Matt Nebeker, has been my attorney for many years. He has helped me with a lot of cases over the years. I have always recommended him to my family and friends. I was worried when he changed his practice to strictly DUI, and drug cases.

However, when I received my DUI I was glad to he was there to help me with my case. Once again, he went beyond my expectations took great care of me. He will always be my attorney.”

A DUI Client

“I was having a great night at the Outlaw Saloon, when our designated driver decided that he wanted to leave with a lady friend that he had just met. I was the most sober so I decided to drive the rest of us home. I was not use to driving the car and the officer said that I was weaving in my lane. After some field sobriety tests I was arrested for DUI. As I was looking on the internet for an Attorney I found attorney Matthew Nebeker. He calls himself Mr. DUI. I new right then that this was the guy I wanted to represent me. In the end I am glad that I hired him. Excellent service and outcome”

Joy M.

“I had just left the City Club in downtown Ogden. I thought I was ok to drive, but just to make sure I stopped at a gas station on Washington Blvd. to get some gas and a bottle of water. I later found out that the clerk reported that I had appeared intoxicated to the police. I was stopped by a UHP Trooper, and was arrested for DUI.

I had some friends that had gotten DUI’s in the past and they refereed Attorney Matt Nebeker, He calls himself Mr. DUI. He was great, and I know now why he is called Mr. DUI. I cannot believe the outcome on my case. I owe Mr. Nebeker a huge debt of gratitude for all that he done for me”

Jone A.

“I was leaving the downtown area after last call and was stopped for something that I think the cop made up. Anyway, I was arrested for DUI. I told the Officer that I had recently had a back surgery, but he just ignored my complaints. Anyway, I found mr. d.u.i, Attorney Matt Nebeker, on the internet, and he listened to me. At my license hearing he asked the officer about my injury and why he ignored my complaints. It took a lot of work on Matt’s behalf but he got the case dismissed. It was well worth the money paid to keep my license, marriage, and job. I hope it never happens again, but if it does I know who to call”

Declan A.

“Hello I was stopped in Centerville for running a stop sign a routine traffic stop and was arrested for a D.U.I and My friend mentioned call Matt Nebeker also known as Mr. D,U,I and we saved my License and got the charges dropped.”

Sean J.

“I was stopped for not signaling for three seconds. The Officer thought that i used Marijuana or some other street drug and arrested me for DUI. They took me to the jail, drew my blood, and booked me. My family called Matthew Nebeker right from the beginning, and he helped them find a Bail Bondsman to get me out, and then he represented me in Court. Matthew determined that analysis on my blood was done improperly and my case was thrown out. He also got my drivers license reinstated. I was really very happy with the service.”

A DUI Client

“What a great and helpful attorney! I highly recommend. Not proud of my story but here it is. I was leaving the Summit Lounge, in Layton Utah and got stopped for not signaling before leaving the bar. Sadly, it was my first time drinking and driving and I got arrested for DUI. I was so scared and freaking out calling everyone I knew looking for a good lawyer and a good friend referred me. He was so easy to work with, did an excellent job, and the case was dismissed! I don’t have anything on my record about it.

I thought I would at least get disorderly or something like that, but no, case got dropped completely! All my friends were mind blown! A few had been in the same situation and got lawyers who did not get them out and ended up with huge bills for nothing but not me. 🙂 I am so happy with my experience, thank you so so much!”

Brittany N.

“I travel a lot and often bring my brother-in-law with me as more of a navigator or if I get tired of driving. He received a DUI in Clearfield, Utah. We had just left Bogey’s (a popular nightclub in Clearfield) and it was his turn to drive, I figured he only had 2 drinks but we were stopped within a block of the bar. It was like the police were watching us and were stopping people that left the bar. We had never been in this situation before, and I thought he was alright to drive but he was arrested and charged with a DUI.

A business associate of mine who was a local told me to contact attorney Matt Nebeker and I am glad we did! My business associate mentioned Matt had been arrested for a DUI, and he knew what his clients would be going through. He explained the DUI laws in a way that I could understand, and ultimately got my case dismissed because the officer made a mistake in our case. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who has been arrested for DUI.”

Brian N.

“We all have times in our lives when things happen out of our control. That happened to me when I was on a work retreat in Layton, Utah. Having the RIGHT person on your side at times like this is important. I was with friends in Layton, UT, we had been having a celebration party for a co-worker, and as luck would have it, I was pulled over during a routine traffic check. I had wine with dinner, and the officer felt I should not be driving. It was ridiculous, but I was sited with a DUI.

I had to find someone to help and fast. My job and my license were on the line. I called Matthew Nebeker because I needed the best DUI lawyer I could find. Mr. Nebeker went to work immediately on my case. He not only was able to show that I was not intoxicated, but got my case DISMISSED and I did not lose my license. I would recommend MATTHEW NEBEKER, LAYTON, UTAH if you want honest, fast, reputable help! He is the BEST! Matthew, thanks for all your help.”

Lorrie E.

“I didn’t know what to do after I had been arrested for my DUI. I had wiped out my savings bailing out of jail, getting my can out of impound, and it was close to Christmas. I could not afford to hire an attorney, and I could not let my two young children go without Christmas. I decided to call Attorney Matt Nebeker to get some advice even though I knew I could not afford him. Mr. Nebeker was kind enough to get started on my case without any money down. He was willing to take the title to my car, and I promised to pay him when I got my taxes back. He was able to quickly get my case dismissed. I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Sara Z.

“I am not proud of the fact that I got arrested for DUI. I was so embarrassed and ashamed about what had happened that I wanted to just give up hope. I had never felt so low in my life. I was just going to go in front of the Judge and plea guilty. The day before my court hearing I decided to call Attorney Matt Nebeker, and take him up on his offer for a free consultation. That was the best decisions that I made for my case. Mr. dui. was able to continue the case at the last minute so he could conduct his own investigation. Mr. dui got my case dismissed and my license was immediately reinstated. It was a lot easier facing my family and friends knowing that my case had been dismissed.”

Jams M.

“I called Mr. DUI, attorney Matthew Nebeker, to help my son who had been arrested for his third DUI, which was a felony. My son son called me from the Salt Lake County Jail telling me to call Mr. DUI. I guess earlier that day one of Mr. Nebeker’s clients had returned to the jail from court and was happy because Mr. Nebeker had secured his release. My son wanted that guys attorney, which was Mr. Nebeker. I am so glad I called him. One of the best things I could have done for my son.”

Jess B.

“I found mr. d.u.i. after doing some research on the internet about what to look for when hiring a DUI attorney. I called Attorney Matt Nebeker and was pleasantly surprised. He quickly returned my call, and got me in quickly for an appointment. After a quick meeting I decided he was the attorney for me. I decided to hire him. Mr. Nebeker immediately put, in writing, the price we negotiated and exactly what he was going to do for me. I walked out of his office with a copy of our written contract and was confident that my case was in good hands.”

A DUI Client

“I was visiting the Layton area on business. I was staying at the Marriott and wanted to find a place for a couple of drinks after my conference. I seen that the Summit Lounge was real close to my hotel. Instead of walking there I decided to drive. After a few drinks I decided to drive back to the hotel. Well, not being from the area I got lost and was stopped by the police for driving to slow. I was later arrested for Driving Under the Influence. While searching for an attorney to represent me I came across mr. d.u.i., attorney Matthew Nebeker. I called him and after speaking with him I felt like he knew what he was talking about. Come to find out he DID! By the time Matt got done with the DLD and police it was like I was never arrested. He saved my life.”

Jenny H.

“I was at a house party in Layton that started to get to rowdy. A fight had started between a couple of guys and I wanted to get out of there before the police arrived. Well, just as I was leaving the police did arrive and stopped me because they thought I might have been involved in the fight. I thought I was ok to drive but I guess I failed the Field Sobriety Tests. I told the officer I was on medication, but he did not want to listen to me. After they took my blood they booked me in the jail. I was so embarrassed. After I was released I was looking for attorneys, but there are so many i could not decide. I went with mr. DUI, because he specializes in DUI Defense. My job and family is important to me so I wanted a specialist. I was glad that I chose Attorney Matt Nebeker. He saved me. I did not lose my license and did not go to jail. I consider that a win.”

Don J.

“I was stopped leaving Hill Air Force Base because I had forgot to turn my headlights on. It is so bright on base I had just forgot. Anyway, the officer thought I was under the influence because I told him I had drank a couple of glasses of wine. He said I failed the field sobriety tests, and this little box that he had me blow into. I refused all other tests, but that was not the right thing to do. I called mr. d.u.i., because I drive by his Layton office all the time. Matt Nebeker was able to save my license from an 18 month suspension for refusing the tests. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Well worth the price.”

Misael P.

“I found mr. d.u.i. after I was stopped in one of those checkpoints where they stop everyone who happens to drive down that particular road. I hired attorney Matt Nebeker (mr. d.u.i.) after my close friend referred him to me. In our first meeting we sat down and he explained the dui laws and he seemed very knowledgeable and professional. Before I left his office he put exactly what services he was going to provide and how much it was going to cost me in writing. Everything went just the way he explained. I would highly recommend.”

Jacklin L.

“I was involved in an accident, where I got rear-ended by some idiot that was not paying attention to his driving. While I was giving my information to the police the officer said that he could smell the odor of alcohol and asked if I had been drinking. I didn’t think anything about it and told him I had two beers earlier in the evening. The next thing I know I was being arrested for DUI. I had to tell my supervisor at work about the arrest and he recommended mr. d.u.i, Attorney Matt Nebeker. I took that advice and hired Mr. Nebeker to represent me on my case. He was very knowledgable about the DUI laws, and very professional. I downloaded the book he wrote about DUI’s, and he did, in my case, everything he said he would do in his book. Very Pleased!”

Aidan R.

“In my case the officer stopped me for a B/S trumped up reason. Then he accuses me of being a drug addict because I had some drug convictions almost ten years ago. I told the officer that I didn’t use drugs and that I had only had a couple of drinks. I hired mr. d.u.i, to help me with the DUI drug charge, and he got the case thrown out. He said the officer did not have a legal reason to stop me. I don’t know exactly what Matt did, but it was awesome. I couldn’t have done it without him!”

Vivian M.

“My roommate called me to go and pick her up from the bar because she thought that she had better not drive. I had just stayed home that night with my boyfriend, and we were just watching movies and sharing a bottle of wine. I thought I was perfectly ok to drive. Well, the police were watching the bar that night and I forgot to signal at the intersection just closest to the bar. The officer had thought I was drinking at the bar and asked my to do the field sobriety tests.I was taken to the jail and given a breath test, and I was over the limit. I knew I needed a lawyer, so I asked around, and one of my friends mention Mr. DUI, Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker. I am so grateful that I found Matt. He explained everything to me, saved my license, and kept me from going to jail. I would highly recommend him for your DUI.”

Dona I.

“I was on my way home after a concert in West Valley, and was pulled over for allegedly not signaling before changing lanes. I had a couple of beers at the concert, and the officer thought that I was DUI. He arrested me and took my to the Salt Lake County Jail. After my friends bailed me out I started looking for a DUI Attorney. I knew that I did not want to try and handle all of this by myself.

I needed to keep my license and stay out of Jail. I friend told me about mr. d.u.i., Attorney Matthew Nebeker. Well, my friends were right about Matt. He kept me out of Jail and avoided a license suspension. I don’t know how he did it, but I am glad I called him. I would definitely recommend his services.”

Marry L.

“I called Mr. DUI, attorney Matthew Nebeker, to help my son who had been arrested for his third DUI, which was a felony. My son son called me from the Salt Lake County Jail telling me to call Mr. DUI. I guess earlier that day one of Mr. Nebeker’s clients had returned to the jail from court and was happy because Mr. Nebeker had secured his release. My son wanted that guys attorney, which was Mr. Nebeker. I am so glad I called him. One of the best things I could have done for my son.”

A DUI Client